Jar O' Dragon
Visual Storytelling by Jennifer A. Reuter
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About / Contact

Jennifer Reuter is available for freelance and contract work; communicating clear messages through visual art that evoke empathy and curiosity.


I’m available for freelance commissions, or studio work!

Especially where illustration or visual development are involved, but I’m also open to promotional and community-building and event opportunities. Please contact me via the email button below (opens in your local email client)!

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About the Human: Jennifer Reuter

Hi! I’m a German-born, Melbourne-raised illustrator, comic artist and animator. I draw characters with expressive grimaces and poses, before dropping them in subtle atmospheres and poignant plot developments. When I’m not producing my own projects, I like to support other creators by washing them in compliments, and contributing as a mediator at events. Other than skeletons, monsters, powerful characters and word games, I’m also interested in projects where my craft can encourage reflection, hope and learning in others.

About the Dragon: A Mascot

My moniker ‘Jar O’ Dragon’ is one of my (wonderfully) terrible puns; J.A.R are my initials, and I’ve always viewed dragons to be more like ethereal chimeras than winged lizards. Hence why my mascot looks geometric and a little abstract; she represents my multiple-influence creativity.

Brief resume

I grew up as a child in Germany, and as a teen in Australia, completing my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design in 2015. Since then I’ve been a mean mutineer and jumped ship right into the world of entertainment. Some of the personal work I’ve produced:

  • ‘Katabatic’ and ‘Snap’; my first self-printed comics I sold at Melbourne comic festivals.

  • ‘Invaded’ by Memories’; an animatic

  • Currently: a web-comic and small game projects in progress

On the business side of things:

On that topic; when I’m tired of being a hermit scribbling away, I volunteer and get involved in industry events on a regular basis.

Those are some of the teams I’ve had the fortune to get to know and organise with.

I also like to teach; I had my first speaker experiences in 2018:

Currently I’m especially enamoured with improvisation classes and tabletop role-playing sessions, which involve developing deep personalities and interactions. I’m also interested in how I can apply my illustration to help educate and inform people in more emotive ways (essentially why I do graphic recording) and to solve problems.

Thematic Values

I am fascinated with how seemingly unrelated things can be connected together to form new solutions. Just as I consider myself German, Australian and Polish, I consider myself a sum of my skills across comics, animation, games and design. For example, my background in graphic design ensures that my comic illustrations are supported by good layout and clear typography choices. My natural inclination towards narrative and improvisation gives my characters and stories an organic vibe. “Style is the lens through which we interpret the world”: this motto inspires me to take in as much of my surroundings, and people, as I can. Psychology, etymology, mythology, problem-solving design, community, sciences, cultures and metaphors are the areas that I approach beyond entertainment.

Krita (preferred) / Clip Studio Paint / Affinity Designer / After Effects

Krita (preferred) / Clip Studio Paint / Affinity Designer / After Effects

InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Acrobat Pro

InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Acrobat Pro

Unity / Blender / HTML + CSS

Unity / Blender / HTML + CSS

Credits: several icons by Yannick, MadebyOliver, Dave Gandy, by Freepik, from Flaticon; abrahamhojo. Profile photo by Izzy Gramp.