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Aura of Worlds - Soft Release Illustration


Aura of Worlds - Soft release

for Early access promotion

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Gotta have a lot of equipment, and ideas, to Get out!


A commissioned illustration for Cognitive Forge's "Aura of Worlds" game, for their early access soft release in October/November 2017 across email, itch.io, and PAX Australia. The game encourages players to improvise with provided weapons, environment and tools to traverse procedural generated levels.

The game is now available as early access on itch.io, and you can check out more updates about their game on their Twitter.


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Due to time constraints, the process for this Aura of Worlds illustration had to be much faster than the previous piece. I worked with value balancing very early on, and since I based the colour scheme off in-game environment art, I didn't need to do too much brainstorming before starting the piece.

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The piece did start off over-saturated, however, which I needed to dial back considerably. Other superfluous details like the giant skull and comical eyes were also replaced. I used a new technique for colour scaling elements in the painting; instead of scaling everything manually, using hue/saturation and colour balance dialogue boxes, I used multiply, overlay and linear dodge 'washes' to do the same task (which allowed for quick changes if needed).