Jar O' Dragon
Visual Storytelling by Jennifer A. Reuter

Interrupted Rest - Krita Commission


Interrupted Rest




All ideas start with brainstorming. Since this commission was open ended in theme, I had to do some 'soul searching' for what I was interested in working on, and give myself limitations. Then it's a case of how to approach the composition of the piece.

None of the randomised ideas struck me particularly, so I settled for 'what do I really feel like drawing'? Once 'skeleton' popped up, the rest of the concept arose.

Other than layout, I brainstormed the story-telling in the image; the tombstone should hint who the skeleton once was.

A previous composition I tried to flesh out. I wasn't very fond of it, too much going on.

Eventually, a layout pops out of the rest. Now it was a case of refining the focal points (rule of thirds definitely helpful here), sketching out the final draft, and doing an approximate colour test, and finally moving on to line-arting and colouring the final piece.