Interrupted Rest

Krita Commission

Don't wake those who are meant to sleep forever; they may not appreciate receiving 'a second chance'



The final artwork for the Krita 3.1 Kickstarter that took place in May and June 2016, and I happened to upload during the celebratory month of October. This artwork is part of the Krita art book, calendar, and tutorial pack released as Kickstarter rewards for backers.

You may make changes and re-post the artwork, with the condition of attribution, indicating any changes made, share alike under the same license, and for no commercial purposes.




All ideas start with brainstorming. Since this commission was open ended in theme, I had to do some 'soul searching' for what I was interested in working on, and give myself limitations. Then it's a case of how to approach the composition of the piece.

None of the randomised ideas struck me particularly, so I settled for 'what do I really feel like drawing'? Once 'skeleton' popped up, the rest of the concept arose.

Other than layout, I brainstormed the story-telling in the image; the tombstone should hint who the skeleton once was.

A previous composition I tried to flesh out. I wasn't very fond of it, too much going on.

Eventually, a layout pops out of the rest. Now it was a case of refining the focal points (rule of thirds definitely helpful here), sketching out the final draft, and doing an approximate colour test, and finally moving on to line-arting and colouring the final piece.