Jar O' Dragon
Visual Storytelling by Jennifer A. Reuter
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Jennifer Reuter’s storyboards for narrative, film, games and advertising.



A young girl seems to be in a hurry to buy a bag of oranges...

"Orunge" is a short branching narrative game done in Twine, with both text and storyboards to tell the story.

This project was a collaboration with writer Jessica Moore; a few weeks worth of work spread across the year. We developed the story together, she wrote the final text and I produced the storyboard imagery.

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Rosetta Remnants

In a post-apocalyptic world, where parasites grant word-based magic, straggler clans in arid Ethiopia have to divert another annihilation threat.

“Rosetta Remnants” was a tabletop roleplaying campaign I played my character Silas in. A illustrated a few of the scenes that occurred into story beats.